Domizar FAQ

What is Domizar?

To find out more about Domizar visit our about us page.

How will Domizar help my business?

Domizar will advertise your business 24/7, 365 days a year to our growing visitor base and through our increasing online presence. Connecting your business to potential customers - all for free.

How easy is Domizar to use?

We've received so much great feedback from out beta testers that we're pretty confident Domizar is incredibly easy to use. To help make things even more of a breeze you can get access to instant help from within your member account our friendly support team is always at hand to help you get up and running.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. Domizar is completely free. We may offer extra bolt-on services from time to time that require a small fee to use. However, using them is optional and your profile will still remain free.

I'm a small business and I need a website, can I use my Domizar profile pages as my website?

Yes, you can. Your Domizar profile page is comprehensive enough that they are PERFECT for any small business owner to use as a website to represent their brand. You can even redirect your domain name to your Domizar profile for a more professional presence.

Are there any businesses that cannot advertise on Domizar?

At the moment we currently do not accept some adult services, gambling or pharmaceutical businesses on the Domizar site. This is not due to any particular stance or viewpoint, however these industries tend to attract a lot of spam. We review each site as it comes up and may/may not remove the company profile at our discretion.

We can also only accept UK based businesses at the moment.

How does Domizar decide where to rank my site and how does it deal with spam?

Domizar uses a complex system to determine what website pages show for different search terms. Generally speaking companies with well formatted, well written profiles and good, genuine reviews tend to rank higher.

Low quality profiles or those that attempt to spam our engine are buried at the bottom of the results or removed entirely. We routinely examine all profiles using an increasingly sophisticated piece of software which flags and removes profiles which are low quality and/or attempting to publish spam.

We also manually review each company on sign up (and if our system flags a profile as low quality) to help keep Domizar spam free and a resource that our visitors can trust.

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