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Domizar is an online search engine that houses it's own business directory providing company listings, business information, special offers, contact details and reviews of businesses across the UK - all with the aim to connect customers to businesses they can trust.

Domizar For Everyone:

You can use Domizar to search for and find companies you can trust. Every company on Domizar has the opportunity to provide you with printable vouchers, deals and discounts - meaning that simply by searching with us you could find a trustworthy company and grab a bargain too!

You can read reviews from other people, like you, who have used the companies on our site. You can also leave your own feedback on any of the companies you have used, detailing your experiences to help other people make a decision.

To start type the company name, location or industry you want to find - just like you would in any other search engine. For example you could type 'accountants in kings lynn' or 'XYZ company'. It's really simple and we could connect you to a great company (and deal) in seconds!

Domizar For Businesses:

Domizar provides a sensible, realistic and easy way for ALL businesses to advertise online. You can promote your business to our thousands (and growing!) of monthly visitors for free; and engage directly with your target audience.

Why Should You List Your Business?
  • Helps increase your online visibility.
  • Easy to do - you can start advertising today.
  • Your own review section helps spread the word about your business.
  • Free today,and forever.

If you're not technically minded, don't worry, you'll still be fine - Domizar is really easy to use.

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